I am a realist, and this means that I look at things using a realistic approach. The majority of people assume that realists are pessimists because our perspective is not a ‘sunshine and lollipops’ approach to live. However, unlike the pessimist, a realist would be happy to adopt lollipops if they were the realistic situation.

Sometime after completing high school, approximately 30 years ago, I realized that we live in an incredibly fragile world. By gaining this insight, I decided that I should seek out a path where my odds would be better should I find myself ‘neck deep’ in disaster. As I learned more above survival skills, I learned that survival is often dependent on your level of preparation for mental and physical wellbeing. Later in life, I discovered that remaining prepared is more about a ‘whole life’ solution instead of owning survival gears and supplies.

Along my journey of preparedness, I have met people who have different types of ‘preparedness solutions’ ranging from being a barefoot naturalist to owning all uber-technology gear available. There are so many different methods available whereby a person can prepare for their life, but there is no single method of getting it right. To be honest, there are many ways to incorrectly prepare; however, if your chosen solution works for you then make it part of your life preparedness plan.

While I have been working on my preparedness for several decades, I am not finished and believe I never will finish. There will always be consumable supplies to be cycled out and replaced, particularly with the fact that technology is improving on a daily basis making my devices more efficient or lighter. Of course, the widget will need to be replaced to become lighter and efficient.

I began as a single individual, but my party has grown to include a wonderful family with a wife, child, pets, extended family and friends. As the circle of protection grows, so does the need to increase my level of preparedness. Moreover, the number of concurrent threats is on the rise; therefore, the expansion of preparedness capability to handle these threatening scenarios needs to be developed.

If have spent numerous hours researching different ideologies, techniques, methods, and plans in preparedness trying to find products and resources to deal with confrontational issues in the future. Due to the broad scope and constantly changing landscape of preparedness, the search continues to find new items and solutions. I am also able to share my opinions and ideas with like-minded people who are interested in preparedness.

This website and podcast seem to be the ‘next step’ on my path of preparedness. From the start, I have informed my listeners to always conduct their own research. This always works for me, but it may not work for you and you must understand this before undergoing preparedness. Always test your preps and ensure the solution you find helps you survive and suit your particular needs.